Dollar store ripple

Don’t Look To Others To Give You Happiness

Today, my dance class went to lunch after class and when it was time to pay one lady in the group said her hubby was buying lunch for us. I actually cried. It was embarrassing but it just came out.

Then I stopped at a little family-owned fruit and veggie stand and bought grapes. It came to $4.70 and I told the guy that it was too much but to add the .30 to the drawer. His face lit up and he thanked me so much for .30. He said that just the fact I cared to do that was super nice. I replied it was too much but I had just been blessed with a meal when one of the ladies I had lunch with bought all our meals. His face really lit up and he said it’s so great you appreciate it so much. And I said I did very much.

THEN a new retail store near me had a grand opening today. I saw it across the street from the grocery store so I stopped in. I was given a raffle ticket to win a prize if my number was called. They kept saying they were about to draw the numbers and after 20 minutes I asked a guy if he was staying and he said he’d been there about an hour and was ready to leave. I gave him my ticket and said here’s mine you’ve now doubled your odds. As I’m leaving and almost at my car, I heard my number called. LOL, I just smiled so big because I knew that man that had been there an hour just won a prize. All from a small RAK that started at the $1 store. – Kim


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