Life is precious

We Must Not Forget How Fragile Life Can Be

Someone I know was put in a hospice because she was very sick. She had a blood disorder and doctors didn’t think she would make it. This place would make its residents cook their own food but the staff brought meds. She was so sick she couldn’t even get out of bed.

This didn’t sit well. I got up early every day and went to see her. I brought her food and got her to eat. I brought her things to do while laying in the bed. When stronger I took her for walks and we went to a Tim Hortons and had coffee and a donut. Another day we had french fries! It was a huge accomplishment. She was getting better.

The day she was being discharged she broke down in tears to thank me. The man in the room beside her died the night before and here she was, walking out. I don’t think I could have lived with myself if I did nothing and I would do it again. Life is precious. – Angel

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