A surprise gift

Generosity Is Not In Giving Me That Which I Need

My son has Autism Spectrum Disorder but is a huge part if our community. This Christmas, we had a spare Christmas hamper in the back of my car as we had been delivering to family (huge local family) and I had prepared too many. I asked my son what we should do with it and he said we should give it away.

I drove into the village and we parked and thought about people whom might like it. We decided on a man who lived alone with a health condition and alcohol dependence. My son, aged 8, helped me place a card in the hamper saying Merry Christmas from the village and put it in his doorway.

I saw him out walking with his dogs in the new year and we chatted. He said he had received a surprise gift and that it had been the first gift he had received in years. A lovely, heartwarming ending. – Hay

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