A long day at the hospital

When You Give With Nothing But A Genuine And Heartfelt Desire To Make Someones Life Betterthe Universe Sometimes Surprises You In The Most Unexpected Ways

I walked into a sandwich shop after spending all day at the hospital with my mother. It had been a long day. I was tired and stressed out. I ordered sandwiches to take home to my husband and son. I asked the girl behind the counter if she could tell me how much my order would be before they started making the sandwiches so I could make sure I had enough money. I had made the comment that I had been at the hospital all day, so I was a little tired and my mind was foggy (couldn’t figure the total in my head).

Anyway, a very nice young gal and her husband were standing behind me and heard me ask about the total. She laid money on the counter in front of me and said “I heard you say that you had been at the hospital. I don’t know what’s going on, but take this to pay for your sandwiches” and she hugged me.

I was so moved, I didn’t even get her name. I shared the story on Facebook to try and find out who she was. I actually ran into her a few days later at the gas station and we have become friends! – Stacie

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