My eldest son was friends at secondary school with a boy who didn’t have any other friends. He was bullied a bit, so my son invited him into his group of friends, who were a bit sporty. This boy wasn’t sports inclined but joined in, and they came to an agreement that they would alternate sports and other things during lunchtime.  

This boy’s mum said to me that my son actually saved her son’s life. He had lost hope at school and was tired of being on the outer and having no friends until my son came along. Very proud Mummy moment!

My second son came home very upset that a new student was being picked on at school. The new student was an international student who struggled to understand English. He sat next to a mean boy who would physically intimidate him. My son saw this happening and asked for the new student to be moved so it didn’t happen again.

At lunchtimes, my son played with him and taught him English. Another very proud Mummy moment. – Ally’s Random Acts of Kindness

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