I’m a proud mother

I Am A Proud Mother

I coached my six-year-old daughter’s soccer team. 1st grade. I also taught at a private school, 1st-12th-grade technology and 7th-grade math… Before our game was my younger son’s. In between cheering, I graded papers. Another child’s mom came up to me and asked me how proud I was of my daughter, we only have one. It piqued my curiosity. Very proud, of course! Did she tell you what happened, she asked… Uhm, when???

The teacher started to read a book we did not allow in our house, Captain Underpants.

Before anyone gets upset, modesty begins at home. Some things just aren’t worth fighting over…

So, my little one raised her hand, politely. The teacher asked what she needed. She told her that I would not allow her to read the books. So, my 6-year-old was told to choose another book, and sit in the hallway until the rest of the class finished reading time. Segregated, by morals she was taught. This woman, however, didn’t end the story there.

So, the teacher kept reading, while my daughter was in the hall… A few sentences later, the teacher paused. Dramatically.

The teacher said, “I think *K’s mom is right, we shouldn’t read this book.”

So, the teacher put it away, invited my daughter in with the rest of the class, and read the book my daughter chose to sit in the hallway with, alone.

There are so many reasons I am proud of my baby girl, too many to actually list.

The mere fact it didn’t even cross her mind to tell me what happened? Blows my mind!

Kayte Martinez, you may be almost 22, but you will always be my little one, and you always make me proud! – Elisa

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