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30 Easy Acts of Kindness to Teach Kids to Make the World Better

30 Easy Acts Of Kindness For Teacher Your Kids To Make The World Better By Ripple Kindness Project

Grab your free kindness activities and printables to encourage positive character traits.

If you're on this website there's a fair chance that you already believe in the magical powers of kindness. The thing is that there's really nothing all that miraculous about it and there's scientific evidence to prove that and why it's so darn good for you! 


The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation have done the research which concludes that kindness is "contagious, teachable, and makes you feel all fuzzy inside" and as you'll see by the kindness video by Life Vest Inside, they're not the only ones who have discovered why.

Kindness is biological, it's part of human nature. Even small acts of kindness make us feel more satisfied and content, and as we practice kindness it shifts our nervous system making us happier and healthier. 

With all of these wonderful benefits it no wonder parents place kindness and generosity high on the list of values they like to see in their kids. Many parents are keen to see kindness and other important character traits being taught in schools

Teachers who are positive, thoughtful and compassionate role models and expect their students to behave the same way are crucial for changing the culture of our society. The more exposure children have, the more these desired traits will become a part of their DNA. If your school isn't using kindness resources in the classroom yet, there are a lot of easy things you can do at home to grow kind, caring and compassionate children. 

Simple kindness activities and free printables for kids

  • Download our free Kindness Ideas Poster and select some things to do together.
  • Talk about the acts of kindness you experience.
  • Read books about kindness and watch TV shows or videos that model positive values.
  • Print our hug coupons or make some of your own.
  • Make a card to thank someone or just to let them know you love them. 
  • Visit an animal shelter and read to dogs or donate old blankets and towels.
  • Go to the police or fire station and thank officers for their service.
  • Make kindness rocks and scatter them throughout your community for people to find.
  • Donate to a community food pantry.
  • Make a blessing bag for the homeless. This is a great opportunity to talk about how fortunate you are and how grateful your family should be for all you have.
  • Swap books at a community library and leave a kind note or surprise inside the one you leave.
  • Get some kindness cards or make some of your own. 
  • Watch videos and read about other kids who have made a difference
  • Talk about the good things that happened that day during dinner.
  • Teach kids to be generous with their friends.
  • Adopt an elderly person at an aged-care centre to visit regularly.
  • Make a family kindness jar. Everyone contributes acts of kindness they want to do together. 
  • Watch Make-A-Wish videos together and talk about the feelings your child experiences while watching.
  • Ask your child about the people they appreciate and why.
  • Download our free kindness checklists and participate in kindness days.
  • Send people kind thoughts or prayers at bedtime.
  • Write compliments for people and leave them somewhere for them to find.
  • Go to a park and pick up rubbish. Leave some bottles of bubble mixture for kids to find.
  • Teach your child to praise and encourage rather than criticize.
  • Ask your child's teacher to use kindness activities in their classroom. 
  • Get your child to do a chore for someone.
  • Say hello to your neighbors. 
  • Do a coloring for someone. 
  • Encourage your child to initiate a kindness club at school.
  • Create a family kindness tree.

We'd love to hear how you encourage kindness at home or anywhere else for that matter so please drop us a line and let us know!


  1. Thank you – this is fabulous.
    Starting with our little ones, we can change the world bit by bit!
    Appreciate all the information you have put together – I am going to share it!
    Yvonne x

  2. Thank you for this wonderful site. I will have to come back so I can explore more. Blessings

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