Activities for students to participate in Random Acts of Kindness Day

Many teachers like their students to participate in kindness activities at school to celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day in February and World Kindness Day in November. They understand the importance of these days as opportunities to build character and instill good values that become the foundation of an emotional skill set that's essential for their future success. Beyond feel-good emotions or reducing bullying, kindness is a highly valued character trait. 


According to psychologist and award-winning author Daniel Goleman, emotional intelligence (EQ) is a better predictor of success than academic intelligence (IQ). This is why many schools are including social-emotional learning (SEL) as an essential component of their curriculum. 

Kindness Days to Remember

Random Acts of Kindness Day - 17 February
Pay It Forward Day - 28 April
World Kindness Day - 13 November

Resources for kindness days

Taking part in kindness days doesn't have to be time consuming or difficult. There's no longer a need for teachers to trowel through countless pages on the internet to get ideas when there are so many ready-made activities available. 

Ready-made and customizable checklists to build character and nurture classroom community. This kindness challenge will have students engaged for hours or days.

Print our no-prep kindness checklists or have students construct their own on one of the Google Slides templates. They can work independently or learn skills such as consideration and co-operation by working together on the group challenge.

Students complete three or more acts of kindness from four categories (school, home, community, with an adult) OR five or more in two categories working together in a group.

You can even customize your own template for your class or have children practice technology skills by adding their own acts of kindness using the Google Slides templates.

Teachers can also join the challenge by printing our FREE adult checklist!

There is also a FREE non-editable checklist for students.

Activity for Random Acts of Kindness Day by Ripple Kindness Project

This fun no-prep kindness challenge is perfect for reinforcing values and nurturing friendships as students can participate individually or in teams.

Teachers can elect to participate for a day or a whole week by selecting from kindness collection sheets where students complete 6, 9 or 12 good deeds.  

Acts of kindness cards are spread face down on a table and randomly selected to reveal the good deeds children are participating in. There is also an option to use a variation of some old-fashioned card games such as Go Fish, Snap and Memory to select their kindness cards. These are great working memory activities that add variety if using the resource for more than one kindness day.

Kindness Coloring Pages by Ripple Kindness Project

These cute little coloring pages are our most popular kindness resource for schools. They can be used at any time of the year with thousands of teachers worldwide using them as a mindfulness activity, to instill positive values or as a relaxing task for early finishers. 

Why are these humble coloring pages so popular? Did you know that coloring is an effective way of fostering physical and psychological development in children? It is a relaxing form of self-expression that stimulates creativity and supports a range of benefits to nurture student wellbeing and mental health.

We know that teaching kindness has many physical, emotional and mental health benefits and how significant this is for schools wanting to help improve relationships and reduce anti-social and bullying behavior. Though they might just be coloring pages, they reinforce positive messages that help build character and nurture friendships.

Our kindness coloring pages are a fun quiet time activity that are also a useful addition to a calm down corner to soothe anxious, restless or angry students.  

For adults who love coloring, download our FREE heart mandala coloring page.

I can't begin to tell you how many schools have used these. These pay it forward style kindness cards are fabulous for starting ripples of kindness with no foreseeable end!

A card is passed on with an intentional or anonymous act of kindness to remind the recipient to pay that good deed forward to someone else. When they pass the card on with their own act of kindness, well, you can see how huge the ripple could become. 

The cards are also used in several modules of our year long curriculum. 

Student made act of kindness card
Student made Ripple Kindness Card

Some schools have even had their students create their own kindness cards. What a great art project!! 

White Oaks Elementary Kindness Tree

Kindness trees are fast becoming a favourite way to display acts of kindness within schools and it's easy to see why. Who wouldn't love the excitement of watching their tree come to life as good deeds are added!! 

We love this idea so much that we gathered trees from around the globe and popped them in a post to inspire more schools to create their own. We even created a resource with templates to make it as easy as possible to encourage whole schools to participate.

Kindness tree resource templates for teachers by Ripple Kindness Project
Kindness bookmarks by Ripple Kindness Project

A fun, no prep character-building activity to nurture a growth mindset and encourage positive relationships. Each bookmark has a quote or saying about kindness. When used as a coloring activity, they are a useful addition to a calm down corner as a mindfulness activity to soothe anxious, restless or angry students.

Use kindness bookmarks as student gifts or incentives in the classroom. Take our kindness challenge and leave colored bookmarks with personal messages in books in the library as a thoughtful surprise for a lender.

There's nothing better than a good old-fashioned hug to show you care. Research shows there are a whole range of benefits to be gained by hugging. Hugs help to connect people, reduce stress, lift mood, and may even be good for your heart and boost your immune system. Regardless of the proven benefits, getting or giving a hug FEELS GOOD!

Our free hug coupons can be downloaded and printed from our site and used in so many ways and not just during kindness days. We like to include them in letters, leave them in books, add them to a gift or leave them in a cafe for a server. 

If you're looking for another feel-good activity, print some as examples and have your students make their own hug coupons. Discuss ways they could use them and ask them to put them into action. We'd love to see what they make and hear how they share them. Please email us here.

8. Kindness Rocks

Painted kindness rocks

If you'd like a craft activity for kindness day, why not make some kindness rocks! Kids can gather some flat rocks or bring them from home to decorate. Once they're clean you can use paint, markers and glitter glue but sure to give them a coat of varnish or a glue that dries clear over the top to protect them. 

You could even create a Peace Garden with your kindness rocks like the children at Zue Bales Intermediate in Texas did. All students, staff and even families were invited to paint an inspirational rock for their serenity spot. Read how they constructed their garden here.

If you have created kindness rocks at your school, please share photos with us here.

Book - How full is your bucket? for kids
The Happiest Birthday Ever Book
I walk with Vanessa A story about a simple act of kindness book
Be Kind Book
We're all wonders book
KIndness grows book
Be Kind Peanuts Wisdom to Carry You Through
What does it mean to be kind? book
Be Kind: You Can Make The World a Happier Place Book
Kindness Counts Book

Picture books should sit front and centre in any primary aged classroom and be read regularly as a group. Books are essential when building a culture of kindness as they encourage conversations about values and give ideas for good deeds children can participate in.

These books pictured are just a small selection of the wonderful titles available.

We'd love for you to share photos of how your school participates in Kindness Days. Please take a moment to EMAIL us!

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