A 90 pound cross for the homeless

Several months ago, in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, a Pastor walked somewhere around 200 miles with a 90 pound cross on his back to raise funds as he wanted to buy a building and rehab it into a homeless shelter. Homeless shelters in the U.P. are few and far between and this will be a special shelter as they will accept families. His dream is being realized and the shelter will open in a couple of months.

Today, 3 of my co-workers and I took an hour, packed up some new clothing, blankets, slippers, and office supplies and drove over to make a donation. We work in a high-stress job and sometimes this group of co-workers isn’t cohesive and maybe even somewhat fractured. After meeting the pastor and touring the facility, we walked out of there with smiles on our faces, all talking at once about other donations of time and supplies that we might be able to arrange. What an energizing way to end the work week!

I have high hopes that our plans to work together for this shelter will bring this team closer together. If today was any indication, it will! – Lynnette 😀

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