A Compressor and a Sandwich

After driving over 2,000 miles on a cross country move from New Jersey to Vancouver, then going south for a job and a wedding, my stepson flew back to New Jersey to get his work van. All of this with very little sleep and then he had a tire blowout.

Luckily, a state trooper came and helped him, but as our son was taking the old tire off, the van slipped off the jack and pinned his forearm between the van body and the tire, for about 20 seconds and either bruised or fractured his arm.
After the tire was finally installed, they realized that it was flat too.

He sat on the side of the road while the trooper drove about 30 minutes to retrieve a compressor from his house and when he returned with it, he also a sandwich that his wife had made for our son.

With all the negative things the troopers have to deal with, he still had a big heart and we appreciate the kind effort he made to help someone in need! – Beth 🙂

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