A few kind words…

A Little Kindness Can Brighten Even The Darkest Day!Yesterday morning I was headed to the gym after a sleepless night from stress and anxiety.
I was tired and a little testy when I received a text.

All it said was, “hey there…. have a great day Deanna!!”
The text was from an old highschool friend that I reconnected with on Facebook. I haven’t seen him in 23 years.

I responded “thank you… I needed that!”
He said, “you are awesome. Love you!”

That was it. End of conversation and it completely turned my day around and inspired me to send out 28 texts to random friends in my contacts, telling them to have a great day and weekend, and that I was thinking of them.

I had some great conversations with people I haven’t talked to in a while and also received this message:

You’re timing is nothing short of divinity. More than you could know. -XOXO

It cost me nothing, except maybe I burned a few less calories messing on my phone during my work out, but my heart was overflowing with happiness all day.

What a difference these simple words made in a text that took less than 20 seconds to send.

I love the Ripple! – Deanna

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