A kind shop manager

If Nature Has Made You For A Giver Your Hands Are Born Open And So Is Your Heart

My hubby and I were shopping yesterday, and I was getting disheartened at how all the stores are selling the same muted coloured, flowing styles – none of which suit what I wanted. A kind shop manager asked me if I was looking for something specific and I said yes, gave her a bit of an outline and she suggested I try Portmans and even gave me directions.

Not only did I find an absolutely perfect dress in a gorgeous colour – it was HALF PRICE!

As it happened, we walked past the original store on our way out, so I popped in to give her my thanks and asked if she would like a coffee as we were going to the cafe next door. She at first declined but when I said how she had made my day and saved me a lot she gave in and let me get her one. We both left with big smiles. – Amanda

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