A little accident is no problem.

I’ve been dealing with an ill parent in the hospital and the other day, the young man who was cleaning my dads room introduced himself while me tidied up the room and mopped etc.

About an hour later, my dad decided he was going to walk out of there and go home because he was frustrated. He was in loopy land and tried to get to the bathroom, but oops didn’t make it and there was a big mess in the floor.Β The young man was called upon to clean it all up and I felt bad for him, but he cheerfully said it was no problem, you get used to it working in a hospital.Later in the day I saw him across the hall and took over a candy bar I had gotten the day before and asked if he liked that kind, he said yes. I held it out and thanked him for being so great at his job. He was surprised and said that few ever thanked him. He just beamed and I was really glad to have given him that candy bar to say thank you.

Most folks do ignore those who clean no matter the setting. But there were other factors of it being in a small town where race relations are greatly divided and this young man also had that barrier to deal with. My mom raised me to see all people as one and I’m really thankful she did. It was nice to see this guy smile and the rest of the time he was on shift he stopped by to make sure we did not need anything. – Kim

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