A Small Act of Kindness Made My Day!

A Picture Of Yellow Roses With The Quote: &Quot;Kindness Is An Easy Way To Make A Connection. It'S A Simple But Powerful Way To Build A Bridge Between Hearts.&Quot;

The other day I received this beautiful bundle of flowers from a very kind soul at Lilydale lake.

As I sat and enjoyed the sunshine, this lady approached me and said “I’m not selling anything, I’m just wondering if you’d like some flowers?” I thought this was the most beautiful gesture which instantly made me feel warm and fuzzy inside. I then continued to watch this lady spread her love and kindness to many other people as she passed them walking around the lake.

A Picture Of Yellow Roses In A Hand.

This small act of kindness made my day and I’m sure many others too! I felt as if it was a beautiful reminder of how easy it is to make someone smile. I was left feeling blown away and inspired to do something for someone else because it really is just that easy to leave a positive imprint on someone else’s day. – Jayde 💐

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