I live in an apartment complex in New England. After a snowstorm, we all have to dig out our cars and move them so the maintenance crew can plow the whole lot.


A few winters ago, we had a blizzard where it rained and iced first and then turned to snow and then rain again. A big icy, snowy, slushy mess. I could hear the plows in the distance and knew I had to go dig out my car. On went the jeans, hoodie, wool coat, snow boots, and gloves. I grabbed the shovel and headed out. I had managed to get the driver's side of the car unburied and was headed around the front of the car (I had backed in) when I hit an ice patch under the snow and down I went. I heard it snap, and break.

I screamed as I went down between the cars. Luckily, there was one other resident that had already headed out to dig out their car and they came to my rescue and called the ambulance. My neighbor came out a few minutes later and took my shovel to put inside. The fire engine and ambulance both showed up much to my embarrassment and now my entire building and the adjacent building as well were outside.

I was hauled away to the hospital and three hours later when I came home my car was dug out and cleaned off. I still have no idea who did it. It was a very sweet gesture.

I do kind of feel bad about it though that they took the time to do it because I did fracture my right ankle so I was not allowed to drive for a month and the car sat there until Spring. - Lynne (shared on Ripple Kindness Project Facebook Page)

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