All I did was listen.

On Monday I went to the grocery store. There was an older woman, appeared to be in her 80’s looking at peppers. I went to get one and she started complaining to me. The prices are too high, they don’t look good etc. etc. etc. I have run into this situation before, where someone complains about something. Normally I would have just said something politely and walked away quickly. This time I stayed and listened while nodding my head politely. Soon her anger over the high price of food turned into fond memories of her past which made her smile. When she was done talking she said, “God Bless you!” It wasn’t what she said, it was how she said it. It was so heartfelt and genuine. The whole experience only took maybe five minutes, but in that five minutes her face and attititude went to gratitude and a smile. I went on my way, but before leaving that department I looked back on the old lady, and she was still similing. Which of course made my heart smile to think I just did a simple thing as to listen and it brightened someone’s day. – Cindy 🙂

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