So, I was running late for work and needed to stop for fuel. I filled the car with $50 petrol and headed in to pay.

It was at this point my mind went back to the night before when my son had taken my ATM card to pay for dinner. I’m on the phone to my mother to organise her to come down and pay and I’m explaining to cashier my issue, much to my embarrassment, when the most amazing angel named Grace popped her head back into the store and said: “are you ok”? I explained what I had gone on and that I was giving my license when she said: “I’ll pay for your fuel”. I said thank you but you can’t it is $50!! She looked me in the eye and said: “you are worth it and I would like to do this for you”.

I am very humbled and amazed at this very gracious and generous offer. I have had a pretty bad week so this was just very humbling.

I hugged her with tears in my eyes and thanked her and said: “Grace I’m getting your name out to the universe for the karma to be repaid”. So thank you to my angel Grace, a complete stranger for making my day and my year. You are an amazing human who I will always remember and will ensure I repay your kindness by paying it forward!! – Hayley

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