Our angel when we hit rock bottom

Several years ago, we hit rock bottom. We had two young girls under 4 at the time. I’d heard and witnessed several cases of our local health and human services assuming freeloaders were seeking assistance. As a general rule, they treat everyone as though they fit that category.

I was fighting a horrible sinus infection and couldn’t hear very well thanks to the gunk in my ears, but I was too terrified to miss our appointment for food stamps that I dressed my young girls and went anyway. Rescheduling was a nightmare and often resulted in a denial letter. So I went and I waited and I checked in to make sure I didn’t miss hearing my name.

I had zero food left until the following two days when hubby’s paycheck would come in. My kids had breakfast and we were awaiting our appointment to get lunch with the newly supplied balance. We just needed to sign a form and take check stubs in. Everything else had been approved.

Hours later, I went to the window for the last time. I was feverish, I was upset that my kids were hungry and I fuming when they said I missed my name being called. No exceptions.

I headed upstairs to beg for a chance to explain the situation, to show them my hungry children. I was acting like I have never previously done in public, so much that my normally stable and strong stature quickly faded and it scared my children to see me in that way.

Just then, a woman passes by and asks why I was so upset. I told her as best as I could, and by then I had called a friend to borrow $5 of gas just to get us back home. I figured crackers would subside the young tummies until I held it together, took some meds and figured out my next step.

This angel who I have never forgotten reached into her pocketbook and grabbed $20. I asked for her contact information wanting to pay her back on payday, a few days away but she refused.

I have prayed for her all these years later. Financial strains have come and passed but that was my lowest.

God is good and we’ve been able to help others by paying it forward and I think of her each time. I owe her so much more than $20… so much!

God had blessed us with a son since and we’re in the process of looking for an adorable home and we are blessed to no longer qualify for food stamps. Amen! – Kristine

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  1. yvonne jones says:

    this is a really up lifting site you have given me hope thank you x

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