Angels on Earth

I had a conversation with a woman that I didn’t know on December 20, 2015 at our local Dollar General. We spoke of Christmas and the “cute platter’ she was purchasing. The woman left and later returned with the “cute platter” filled with a variety of baked goodies and said Merry Christmas to you and your family. Attached was a card with some money.

She couldn’t imagine the stress she had lifted off of me and the joy that filled my heart. She was an angel on Earth, hope it’s contagious.

Thank you from the Blair Family ❤

Submitted by Lora after reading it in her local paper.


I will never forget what happened 13 years ago. My husband had been given chemo treatments that went horribly wrong. I drove him to the doctor’s office and was trying to help him in the door when he stumbled and we both almost fell on the sidewalk.

Two ladies appeared out of thin air with a wheelchair and helped me get him into it. They disappeared without a trace after he was settled. I think to this day that those ladies were honest to goodness angels sent from above. It brings tears to my eyes even now to remember the blessing they were that day. – Sandy 🙂

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