Anonymous Pay It Forward

When my wife and I went to pick up our take-away from Piyawat Thai restaurant in Bendigo, we asked the person serving at the counter if we could pay for another take-away order that was waiting to be picked up. Of course he looked at us with bewilderment and confusion, “you don’t need to do that” he said, we replied “yes we know we don’t need to, but we want to”.

He struggled to think of what to do next, so I suggested that he just simply pick one order at random and let me pay for it. After a little more reluctance, he did pick one and added it to our order and we paid.

I asked that he not mention who had paid for it, rather just say that it was a stranger and to suggest that the recipient might consider doing the same for another stranger or person in need some day. – AnonΒ  πŸ˜†

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