Applauding Nicky at Qantas

If You Planted Hope In A Heart That Felt Alone Quote

A friend of my friend in Brisbane lost her 30-year-old son in Melbourne yesterday. Devastated. 1F641

My friend got onto Qantas to help find a flight to help her be there to organise the funeral. Not feeling very positive as there appeared to be no flights for many days, my friend called a Qantas service phone number. Luckily for her, the consultant who answered was Nicky from Hobart. After explaining the situation, Nicky said she would investigate and get back to her. Well a couple of hours later, Nicky called back delighted. She had relayed the issue to some other Qantas team members one of which was on a flight tomorrow. She was happy to give up her seat in such a sad situation. Nicky rang us back as soon as she found out. The cost was very very reasonable as well.

We are so humbled by the amount of effort shown by Nicky at Qantas. This world may have some negative issues happening, but special people like her and also her company for supporting her initiative should be applauded! Thank you! – Julie Sanderson


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