Can you spare change?

Yesterday I came out of the grocery store where I had bought groceries for the week and 6 chicken wings to snack on to bring up my blood sugar. I left the store and a guy asked if I could spare any change. I normally don’t carry change but before I left home I grabbed some quarters and put them in my pocket. I offered him my coins and he again asked if I was sure I could spare them. I assured him I could.

I got to my car and those wings were calling my name. I knew I had to eat one or I would get sick, so I ate one and drove back to the front and got out and offered the guy the other 5 wings. I told him I had to eat one to get me home since my blood sugar was very low. He was so very thankful. He thanked me for taking the time to talk to him. I wish he had been there when I went in the store and I could have budgeted some extras in for him but I spent my limit. – Kim 😀

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