Bear the dog

From The Heart.
My neighbor and I volunteer for Meals on Wheels. Every Wednesday we deliver meals to those who are home bound.

During our deliveries last year we noticed that one of the customer’s dogs was limping and not putting weight on his front paw. We asked about him and the owner said that he had been hit by a car, however they did not have the funds to take him to the vet. So, we asked fellow volunteers if they could help to donate for the vet needs and purchase an enclosure to help keep Bear from getting out onto the road.

Long story short… we all donated, and the local Humane Society was willing to allow Bear to stay there for 6 weeks while he recovered. In the past year my neighbor and I (with the help of our husbands) have enlarged and partially covered his kennel, bought extra food when we see that he is running low and spend extra time with him every week, so that he feels loved and cared for. In a perfect world his owners would have the means to take care of him properly, however, until that happens we feel that we were given this route for a reason and we will continue to look out for and care for Bear as best we can. – Leanne 😀

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