The best thing I ever received

Love &Amp; Support A Friend.
Sometimes the most precious gift is simply time. That was the best thing that I have ever received.

There was a point in my life that I had hit a very dark place. During that time, a few friends that I still hold dear had done nothing more than to sit and talk with me. Through them doing this, they were able to reverse the hell that I was living in. They were able to make me realize I was not as worthless and unloved as I was told I was. They made me realize that I was worth something and that I could accomplish anything!

Am I living the perfect life now? With the love and compassion of a few close friends, I have fought my way through hell and am rebuilding a better future than I had for a past. – Theresa 😀

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  1. Kay Barnard says:

    I am so glad I have found your site on Face Book. I love your messages, they always make me feel happy. Thank you for bringing a ray of sunshine to the otherwise dreary noise of the world.

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