14 Fun Kindness Activities For Kids For Random Acts Of Kindness Day
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14 Fun Kindness Activities for Kids for Random Acts of Kindness Day

Do you need kindness activities for kids to nurture friendships and encourage an inclusive classroom community?Beyond feel-good emotions or to stop bullying, kindness is a highly valued character trait we all want to embed in our kids. When teachers nurture positive character traits, they’re equipping their students with an emotional skill set that’s essential for them…

56 Kindness Tree Bulletin Board Ideas For A School Project
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56 Kindness Tree Bulletin Board Ideas for a School Project

A kindness tree activity is a fun and effective whole school project to build community!A kindness tree bulletin board is a beautiful and creative way to encourage and acknowledge acts of kindness within a classroom or school. As a whole school kindness challenge, it’s a heartwarming way to foster caring and supportive relationships amongst students…

10 Reasons Teaching Kindness At School Is Essential To Reduce Bullying
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10 Reasons Teaching Kindness at School Is Essential to Reduce Bullying

Teaching Kindness can Change the Culture of Your School!Phrases like “random acts of kindness” and “pay it forward” have become popular terms in modern society. There are even special days dedicated to being kind and organizations who specialize in altruism. But why has kindness become so popular? Perhaps it’s best explained by those who have identified…

Affordable End Of Year Gifts For Students That Reinforce Kindness
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Affordable End of Year Gifts for Students That Reinforce Kindness

Do you buy or make end of year gifts for students? The elementary school year finishes at different times throughout the world. But one thing that’s the same for teachers everywhere is the challenge of finding meaningful end of year gifts for students.  You’ve helped your students develop academically but it’s the unique connections that they’ll remember most….

Easy End Of Year Activities To Empower Kindness And Respect!
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Easy End of Year Activities to Empower Kindness and Respect!

Need some end of year activities to teach kindness that won’t stretch you to the limit and keep your students engaged?As the school year wraps up it’s the perfect time to celebrate their social and emotional growth. You’ve worked hard to teach them about kindness and respect, so use these last few weeks to reinforce these…

How To Use Free Kindness Coloring Pages To Empower Students
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How to Use Free Kindness Coloring Pages to Empower Students

You see 3 free kindness coloring pages for your students. I see an incredibly powerful resource with countless ways to embed values and build a positive classroom community! Ah, the humble coloring page. Many teachers see them as a quick and easy brain break for their students or a fun filler activity for early finishers. The truth…

Reasons Why Happiness Is Important: Great Ideas For Happy Students
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Reasons Why Happiness Is Important: Great Ideas for Happy Students

The past few years have been quite a rollercoaster for me, especially dealing with my mum’s illness and her passing. It took a huge toll on my wellbeing and happiness. It’s been tough, to say the least, but it made me consider why happiness is important to me. I’d forgotten just how crucial it is to find and…

Teach Students To Give Compliments For Better Friendships And Self-Esteem
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Teach Students to Give Compliments for Better Friendships and Self-Esteem

In the hustle of life, it’s easy to overlook the simple things we can do that have a positive impact on our wellbeing and relationships. One amazingly simple but effective thing everyone can do is give compliments. Compliments are little nuggets of kindness that can make someone’s day. Giving praise isn’t difficult but can greatly improve…

Kindness And Empathy Is Better For Bullying Than Zero Tolerance
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Kindness and Empathy Is Better for Bullying Than Zero Tolerance

Bullying isn’t a word I like to use because of the negative feelings it invokes. To me tackling bullying by talking about it is unhelpful. Instead, I like to focus on the opposite – kindness and empathy! Bullying, as we all know, remains a pervasive problem affecting students at all year levels across the globe. It…

Intentional Acts Of Kindness Have Better Results Than Random Gestures
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Intentional Acts of Kindness Have Better Results Than Random Gestures

Nurturing empathy is a big part of teaching about kindness. To do that, it’s more effective for students to take part in intentional acts of kindness rather than random good deeds. Being purposeful about kindness teaches students to think about and consider others more deeply.   When children are learning to embrace kindness as a way…

The Best Friendship Activities For A Positive Classroom Environment
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The Best Friendship Activities for a Positive Classroom Environment

Returning to school after the winter break or starting a new school year? Creating a positive classroom environment is always top of mind no matter what time of the year it is. It can be tricky to nurture relationships, but interactive icebreakers and friendship activities for elementary students are great for helping students connect. These aim to…

Toothpaste Life Lesson For Children: The Truth About Hurtful Words
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Toothpaste Life Lesson for Children: The Truth About Hurtful Words

In the landscape of education, few challenges are as complex as anti-social behavior and bullying. It’s an ugly life lesson for children and an emotional storm that many weather each day. Preventing bullying in schools is a huge task but there are lots of practical things teachers can do to help.  Developing emotional intelligence (EQ) by…

8 Easy Activities For Christmas Kindness In The Classroom
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8 Easy Activities for Christmas Kindness in the Classroom

Christmas is almost upon us… again! Though the end of year festivities brings a lot of excitement, it’s also a time when students may be tired and irritated. To keep them engaged and learning while waiting for their summer or winter break, involve them in some Christmas kindness activities. Kindness is the cornerstone of a thriving…

12 World Kindness Day Activities To Build Character Traits & Wellbeing
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12 World Kindness Day Activities to Build Character Traits & Wellbeing

Random Acts of Kindness Day and World Kindness Day activities can help save your sanity and unite your classroom. The world feels uncertain and turbulent right now. It seems people are on edge and feeling lost. It’s times like these where we look for the good to provide hope and that’s where kindness can make such…

Use This Easy Loving Kindness Meditation For Happy Students
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Use This Easy Loving Kindness Meditation for Happy Students

Have you tried guided meditation for students in your classroom? If not, your kids are missing out! Imagine taking some time away from the chaos and noise of the school day when students are struggling to focus. A guided meditation leads them on a magical journey to relax and de-stress. These calming moments are amazing for…