I can’t believe you came back!

A Person In Need..
I had a man come up to me in a Walmart parking lot. He asked if he could do some work for me. Said he would do anything. He, his wife and 7 year old son were going to be evicted from their $40/day motel room if he didn’t have $80 to pay for his back rent that day and they didn’t have anything to eat.

I gave him $40 and took his name and phone number. He said he didn’t have any minutes left, but I could text. I went home and talked to hubby. Hubby and I went back and took him to another motel and paid his rent for 2 nights. We also took him some groceries. He kept saying I can’t believe you came back. I never thought you would come back. He almost cried. Love being able to help others. – YvonneΒ  πŸ˜›

To see how you can help the homeless, visit The I Have a Name Project.

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