Card declined, but generosity is all around

So I work at an autopart store and today I had the most amazing thing happen.

So this old lady comes in and I greet her and ask if she needs any help. Well her car battery turned out to be bad and she needed a new one. So I looked it up and it cost $110 after turning in her old one. She agrees and I go grab it, I ring it up and with the $15 core charge it comes out to around $136. She slides her debit card and it gets declined. She kind of sighs and she gets out her credit card and it is declined again.

I can see she is almost in tears so I decide to remove the core charge in good faith that she will bring the old battery in and I take 10% off the purchase. She is very thankful and we try to slide her card again and its declined. Now I’m feeling very bad.

There was a lady that was being helped right next to us and she notices that the card was declined. She asks the lady if everything is okay. The old lady answers that she’s okay but unfortunately, doesn’t have enough to buy the battery. She then tells me that she will be back to buy the battery after she goes and borrows some money from one of her siblings. Then the amazing thing happens, the other lady tells her not to worry that she will buy the battery for her. The old lady burst into tears and tells the other lady that its fine she doesn’t have to do it, but the lady doesn’t take no for an answer. She swipes her card and pays for the battery.

This old lady is in tears, I’m trying my best not to cry and so is my other coworker. The lady tells the old lady that she had recently got some money from an inheritance and that she didn’t really need it. So she figured she would do a good deed and help someone out in need. I ask the old lady if she had anyone to put her new battery in and she replied no, that she was planning on taking it to a shop. I told her not to worry that I would install her battery in for her. She started crying again and hugs the other lady and then runs up to me and hugs me.

I drove her to where her car was stranded and changed her battery. She was so thankful and told me that today would have been a horrible day if it wasn’t for me and the other lady. She tried to hand me a $20 bill for gas but I refused telling her this was my good deed for the day. I’ve never seen such an act of kindness and I will never forget this day. – Big Teddytedย โค

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