56 Kindness Tree Bulletin Board Ideas For A School Project
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56 Kindness Tree Bulletin Board Ideas for a School Project

A kindness tree activity is a fun and effective whole school project to build community!A kindness tree bulletin board is a beautiful and creative way to encourage and acknowledge acts of kindness within a classroom or school. As a whole school kindness challenge, it’s a heartwarming way to foster caring and supportive relationships amongst students…

The Watermelon Shield – Book Review & Author’s Reflections
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The Watermelon Shield – Book Review & Author’s Reflections

Book Title:  The Watermelon ShieldAuthors:  Rose McCallum (she/her) and Finn McCallum (they/them)Illustrator:  mikemotz.comFor ages:  6-10 years (a good read for all ages)Topics:  bullying, kindness, compassion, empathy, character development, juvenile self-helpRelated learning areas:  social and emotional learning (SEL), well-being/self-confidence, communication/healthy boundaries Continue Reading Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Reddit Facebook Messenger Email Share

Tracking Relationships Between Students To Prevent Bullying & Improve Wellbeing

Tracking Relationships Between Students to Prevent Bullying & Improve Wellbeing

How important are relationships in education? Rita Pierson, in her classic TEDTalk, says “Kids don’t learn from people they don’t like.” I thoroughly agree and I would like it mandated that every teacher watches her talk every year! I want to expand her sentiment to include student to student relationships. Continue Reading Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn…

10 Reasons Teaching Kindness At School Is Essential To Reduce Bullying
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10 Reasons Teaching Kindness at School Is Essential to Reduce Bullying

Teaching Kindness can Change the Culture of Your School!Phrases like “random acts of kindness” and “pay it forward” have become popular terms in modern society. There are even special days dedicated to being kind and organizations who specialize in altruism. But why has kindness become so popular? Perhaps it’s best explained by those who have identified…

Social-Emotional Learning: Classroom Circles Build Community To Help Stop Bullying
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Social-Emotional Learning: Classroom Circles Build Community to Help Stop Bullying

Classroom circles nurture an inclusive and supportive school community!The power of classroom circles or morning meetings to foster emotional intelligence, improve wellbeing and create a culture of kindness is well documented. Circle time is an important tool for nurturing relationships and feelings of community and can have a profound impact on bullying.Schools with a focus…

Who’S Going To Save The Bully? Support Children To Stop Bullying.
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Who’s going to save the bully? Support children to stop bullying.

We must support the bully if we want to stop bullying!Bullying! It’s an ugly word because it involves ugly actions. This little word can stir the strongest emotions in people from all walks of life. Why? Because bullying doesn’t discriminate, and a substantial portion of the population have been scared by a bully.Bullying has become…

The Secret To Stopping Cyberbullying
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The Secret to Stopping Cyberbullying

42% of kids report having been the victim of some form of cyberbullying reports Family Internet Safety Advocate, Sue Scheff.In the past decade, parents and educators have become increasingly aware of this staggering statistic, and bullying prevention programs have been written in response. But there’s a fault in these programs which doesn’t help stop cyberbullying….