Social-Emotional Learning: Classroom Circles Build Community To Help Stop Bullying
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Social-Emotional Learning: Classroom Circles Build Community to Help Stop Bullying

Classroom circles nurture an inclusive and supportive school community!The power of classroom circles or morning meetings to foster emotional intelligence, improve wellbeing and create a culture of kindness is well documented. Circles are important tools for nurturing relationships and feelings of community and can have a profound impact on bullying.Schools with a focus on social-emotional…

Who’S Going To Save The Bully? Support Children To Stop Bullying.
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Who’s going to save the bully? Support children to stop bullying.

We must support the bully if we want to stop bullying!Bullying! It’s an ugly word because it involves ugly actions. This little word can stir the strongest emotions in people from all walks of life. Why? Because bullying doesn’t discriminate, and a substantial portion of the population have been scared by a bully.Bullying has become…

This Teacher Reduces Bullying By Teaching Kindness
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This Teacher Reduces Bullying by Teaching Kindness

In the book, Wonder by R.J. Palacio, she writes about Choosing Kind as the best option in life. This phrase resonated with me and sparked a new appreciation on how I discuss bullying with my 6th graders.I then came across an article on the Edutopia website titled, “Why Teaching Kindness in Schools is Essential to…

The Secret To Stopping Cyberbullying
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The Secret to Stopping Cyberbullying

42% of kids report having been the victim of some form of cyberbullying reports Family Internet Safety Advocate, Sue Scheff.In the past decade, parents and educators have become increasingly aware of this staggering statistic, and bullying prevention programs have been written in response. But there’s a fault in these programs which doesn’t help stop cyberbullying….