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How To Encourage Teacher Self-Care: Beautiful Mindfulness Coloring Pages
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How To Encourage Teacher Self-Care: Beautiful Mindfulness Coloring Pages

Teachers are unsung heroes in our society. Their tireless dedication to nurturing the minds of our children is incredibly noble. But it comes at a price. Teacher self-care is often neglected and a hot topic in the media. Educators know they should care for themselves but the demands of their profession leaves them little time to…

Fun Teacher Appreciation Tips To Help Improve Wellbeing

Fun Teacher Appreciation Tips to Help Improve Wellbeing

Aside from parents, educators are often the most influential people in a child’s life. They play a critical role in shaping hearts and minds while laying the foundations for social, emotional, and academic success. Yet the profession is often perceived as an easy job making many teachers feel undervalued and unimportant. It seems that as a…

56 Quick Brain Breaks Empower Learning And Good Behavior
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56 Quick Brain Breaks Empower Learning and Good Behavior

If you’re looking for a fun way to engage your students and ensure they’re doing their best learning, then brain breaks are the perfect solution!Students spend almost a third of their day in the classroom. During this time, they’re expected to sit still and pay attention for long periods while reading, writing, and listening -…

The I Need Box Is A Behavior Management Hack To Improve Emotional Wellbeing
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The I Need Box is a Behavior Management Hack to Improve Emotional Wellbeing

Has COVID taken a toll on your student’s wellbeing? Show them that you understand and support them by giving them an easy way to share their worries, concerns, and needs.Julia Brown is a middle school teacher in Texas who had a simple but clever idea to help her students communicate their needs or wants in…

3 Easy Ways Morning Meetings Can Improve Wellbeing &Amp; Behavior
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3 Easy Ways Morning Meetings Can Improve Wellbeing & Behavior

Daily morning meetings are fabulous for helping kids who are feeling anxious or isolated due to lengthy lockdowns and changes to their routine. As we settle into a new way of life with COVID-19, some students have gone back to school but for those who are still distance learning, virtual morning meetings or classroom circles…

How To Use Positive Affirmations For Kids For Better Wellbeing
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How to Use Positive Affirmations for Kids for Better Wellbeing

You may not think that daily mantras can make much of a difference but using positive affirmations for children can be life-changing!By using daily positive affirmations for kids you can help to develop a growth mindset and improve their attitude. Positive thinking quotes are a powerful social-emotional learning tool that can have a profound impact…

6 Ways To Use Movement For Social And Emotional Development During Covid-19
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6 Ways to Use Movement for Social and Emotional Development During Covid-19

Humans are social beings. We are designed to live amongst communities and socialise with other humans on a daily basis. Social isolation has been protecting our physical health from contracting the Coronavirus. However, having to isolate is having a great impact on our social health, emotional health, and psychological health. For our children, social interaction with…

Free Mindfulness Meditation Activities & Apps For Kids With Anxiety
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Free Mindfulness Meditation Activities & Apps for Kids with Anxiety

During this worrying time of COVID-19 with isolation and distance learning, some children are feeling scared and may even experience some anxiety. Being in Melbourne, with a very strict lockdown, kids have been learning from home for many months. This has caused a lot of worry and confusion for one fifth grader I know. He…

Kids Love The Crumpled Paper Or Wrinkled Heart Activity To Stop Bullying
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Kids Love the Crumpled Paper or Wrinkled Heart Activity to Stop Bullying

The wrinkled heart activity or crumpled paper activity is a powerful lesson every child needs to participate in to understand the lasting effects of bullying.This simple activity is a valuable friendship lesson that shows students how difficult a wrinkled heart is to mend!Who could imagine that a single sheet of scrunched up paper could be…

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An experimental program connecting the older and younger generation

A heartwarming experimental program offering hope!In May 2019, Australia’s first co-built educational and aged-care facility was opened in Morphett Vale, South Australia.The Montessori middle school has three classrooms to accommodate around 60 students on the grounds of Kalyra Woodcroft aged care facility in Adelaide. Continue Reading Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Reddit Facebook Messenger Email Share

Snowball Toss Activity – Teach Students How To Relieve Stress
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Snowball Toss Activity – Teach Students How to Relieve Stress

Take a 60-second brain break to relieve stress and anxietyIt can be difficult to get students to open up, especially those in higher grades but we know how critical it is for wellbeing to be able to manage and release emotions. If you’re looking for fun stress relieving activities for students, I can guarantee that…

11 Impressive Benefits Of Mindful Coloring Pages For Kids And Adults
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11 Impressive Benefits of Mindful Coloring Pages for Kids and Adults

Most children enjoy getting creative with pencils and crayons. But did you know there are impressive reasons beyond fun to encourage the use of mindful coloring pages for kids and adults?The significant benefits of mindful coloring pages are now being realized for all age groups as it takes its place alongside yoga and meditation as an…