Building Mindful, Resilient And Focused Learners
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Building Mindful, Resilient and Focused Learners

As a mother of three teenage daughters and an experienced elementary school teacher, I am deeply concerned about our kids and how resilient they are. Let me explain. Children today live in a world filled with technology — iPad interaction from birth, social media from pre-teens and access to everything and anything on the Internet from…

The Secret To Stopping Cyberbullying
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The Secret to Stopping Cyberbullying

42% of kids report having been the victim of some form of cyberbullying reports Family Internet Safety Advocate, Sue Scheff.In the past decade, parents and educators have become increasingly aware of this staggering statistic, and bullying prevention programs have been written in response. But there’s a fault in these programs which doesn’t help stop cyberbullying….

Mindfulness Enhances Kindness & Wellbeing In Kids
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Mindfulness Enhances Kindness & Wellbeing in Kids

Mindfulness is a meditative practice that involves learning to pay attention to the present moment with an attitude of openness and kindness.If there was a way to help kids pay more attention, exercise more generosity and kindness with their peers, perform better in school, and be more aware of themselves and others, would you try…

5 Ways Pet Ownership Helps Kids Learn To Show Kindness
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5 Ways Pet Ownership Helps Kids Learn to Show Kindness

Pet ownership can teach kids many important values and build positive character traits like giving, empathy and kindness. One of the overlooked opportunities of pet ownership, particularly if it is the right pet, is teaching our children how to care for something dependent on them. Kids can learn the art of kindness and compassion through…