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Affordable End Of Year Gifts For Students That Reinforce Kindness
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Affordable End of Year Gifts for Students That Reinforce Kindness

Do you buy or make end of year gifts for students? The elementary school year finishes at different times throughout the world. But one thing that’s the same for teachers everywhere is the challenge of finding meaningful end of year gifts for students.  You’ve helped your students develop academically but it’s the unique connections that they’ll remember most….

Easy End Of Year Activities To Empower Kindness And Respect!
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Easy End of Year Activities to Empower Kindness and Respect!

Need some end of year activities to teach kindness that won’t stretch you to the limit and keep your students engaged?As the school year wraps up it’s the perfect time to celebrate their social and emotional growth. You’ve worked hard to teach them about kindness and respect, so use these last few weeks to reinforce these…

Teach Students To Give Compliments For Better Friendships And Self-Esteem
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Teach Students to Give Compliments for Better Friendships and Self-Esteem

In the hustle of life, it’s easy to overlook the simple things we can do that have a positive impact on our wellbeing and relationships. One amazingly simple but effective thing everyone can do is give compliments. Compliments are little nuggets of kindness that can make someone’s day. Giving praise isn’t difficult but can greatly improve…

Kindness And Empathy Is Better For Bullying Than Zero Tolerance
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Kindness and Empathy Is Better for Bullying Than Zero Tolerance

Bullying isn’t a word I like to use because of the negative feelings it invokes. To me tackling bullying by talking about it is unhelpful. Instead, I like to focus on the opposite – kindness and empathy! Bullying, as we all know, remains a pervasive problem affecting students at all year levels across the globe. It…

8 Easy Activities For Christmas Kindness In The Classroom
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8 Easy Activities for Christmas Kindness in the Classroom

Christmas is almost upon us… again! Though the end of year festivities brings a lot of excitement, it’s also a time when students may be tired and irritated. To keep them engaged and learning while waiting for their summer or winter break, involve them in some Christmas kindness activities. Kindness is the cornerstone of a thriving…