Stories of Kindness

Powerful Stuff!

I’m so excited Lisa! I popped 11 Christmas Cards with Ripple Kindness Cards into letterboxes in my street. I came home today to find 4 Christmas cards from people I have been living near for over 12 months and never spoken to. I have started the chain. Even have been waved at!!! Powerful stuff… 🙂…

I was feeling generous.

Just finished mowing my neighbours acres. Why? Because I felt generous and it felt good to do something unexpected. They will come home from their Christmas holidays to a mowed lawn. Now crossing my fingers the weather doesn’t heat up too much so it becomes a mission to do mine. I left them a Ripple…

Best of Luck!

Today I left a scratch lotto card and a Ripple Kindness Card on the seat of the bus I took to the mall. I can only imagine the look on the person’s face who found it. Hope they win something! – Camille 🙂   aa Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Reddit Facebook Messenger Email Share