Teaching and learning has undergone some significant changes since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Students and teachers are adapting to a new norm in education that looks different between countries and possibly even states depending on the severity of the virus. 

For many, distance learning is their reality as they go back to school online, others are nervous about returning to teach face to face while some educators have made their peace with their new school life.

It's hard to wrap your head around the enormity of what's going on and where it might end but one thing's for sure, that the way we teach and learn has changed forever! 


Mental Health & Relationships

Regardless of whether you're a teacher trying to cope with the changes or a parent helping your kids learn at home, their (and your) emotional wellbeing and mental state is most likely of concern. 

One of the most crucial things that helps people manage in all kind of situations are their relationships. But these can be a casualty of the stress and anxiety so many kids are experiencing right now so it's important to teach them some strategies for nurturing these essential connections.  

We have some great resources to build emotional intelligence and resilience to help maintain or repair their important relationships. 

Resources to help kids calm themselves and focus

Coloring for Wellbeing

When bad things happen kids need to be able to continue being kids. But taking some time out to have fun doesn't always have to mean taking a break from learning. Engaging in a mindfulness activity like coloring is a fantastic way to improve fine motor skills and spatial awareness, build concentration and focus, promote creativity and self-expression, and to relax to calm the body and mind. Combine all of these benefits with positive affirmations and kindness quotes, and you're also embedding important messages of friendship, caring and self-belief. 

Kindness Coloring Pages by Ripple Kindness Project
Free kindness coloring pages for children

Boosting Self-Esteem to Encourage Good Behavior

Trying times can bring on anxiety, self-doubt, and uncertainty for anyone, including kids. You might find, with all that's been going on, that your class has trouble paying attention or co-operating with one another and might need an incentive to tow the line. Parents too may be questioning their ability to home school or how their child is going with changes to their routine. With this in mind, consider the following ways to provide feedback and encourage children to do their best.

Student Encouragement Notes

Nurturing Kindness

If you've been following Ripple for a while then you'll know what we think about kindness. Seriously, to us, it's the foundation of every other positive value and the basis of character education. Good old fashioned kindness has been proven to be good for our social, emotional and mental wellbeing. And what's also impressive about it is that it's not just the person receiving the kindness who benefits but the giver and onlooker as well! With that said, pretty much everything we create is based around kindness. Here are a few of our most popular kindness resources.

Distance Learning Bundle of Kindness Resources

Regardless of how you're teaching, we're here to help you with all things kindness and with advise to help improve the wellbeing of students, teachers and parents. If there's a way we can help, please get in touch

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