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8 Easy Activities for Christmas Kindness in the Classroom

8 Kindness Activities To Teach Students About Kindness.

Christmas is almost upon us… again! Though the end of year festivities brings a lot of excitement, it's also a time when students may be tired and irritated. To keep them engaged and learning while waiting for their summer or winter break, involve them in some Christmas kindness activities.

Kindness is the cornerstone of a thriving and inclusive classroom community. Positive words of encouragement, a compliment, or a kind gesture can be transformative for restless or frustrated children.

Encouraging kindness is a gentle reminder for students to be respectful and inclusive. Absorbing the positive vibes from good deeds can trigger happy hormones that calm them down and make your life a lot easier!


We all know that students love Christmas craft activities and fun games. These are great ways to infused your classroom with Christmas kindness to build character and respect for classmates. There are lots of easy activities with positive lessons that will have them engaged while doing good during the festive season.

Here are some activities to help you have a fun and educational December.

1. Kindness Advent Calendar for Christmas 

This is a favorite among students because they get to check things off and feel a sense of accomplishment. And while they're dedicated to doing good deeds, they're creative lots of positive vibes to make everyone feel great!

How to Make an Advent Calendar on a Whiteboard or Bulletin Board

  • Use some cute Christmas paper to make a border for a polished look.
  • Write "Christmas Kindness Advent Calendar" at the top of your board in a festive font and color.
  • Use a ruler to divide your whiteboard into 24 squares. Then, write the numbers 1 through 24 in each square. You can alternate colors each day to make it bright and cheery.
  • Decorate your advent calendar with snowflakes, stars, snowmen, or candy canes. You can download some clipart from the internet, cut out pictures on Christmas wrap, or ask students to make them for you.
  • Add an act of kindness to each of the squares.
    Here are a few Christmas kindness ideas:
    Hold the door open for someone.
    Donate a toy to charity.
    Help someone with their homework.
    Make a Christmas card.
    Bake Christmas cookies.
  • To create more excitement, you might like to place a piece of paper over each of the squares to hide the good deeds. Allow students to take turns removing the paper to reveal the act of kindness for that day.

If you're short of time and want something ready-made, you'll love this stunning but easy advent calendar. Simply print and assemble to make a gorgeous Christmas bulletin board or door display. 

You can choose from a color template or print an outline of the tree for students to color in to make a wonderful patchwork effect.

Print the decorations with good deeds on them and assemble them into a pad by stapling at the top. Allow students a turn to tear one off each day and read the act of kindness out to the grade so everyone can participate.

When the good deed is complete, the student hangs the decoration on the tree. The last act of kindness is a craft with good deeds for students to complete at home. 

Teachers can use the supplied acts of kindness or print out the blank decorations to write their own. There's also an option to switch out good deeds in Google Slides™.

Kindness Christmas Tree Advent Calendar Bulletin Board Kit
Decorations With Good Deeds For A Ready-Made Kindness Christmas Tree Advent Calendar For Elementary Students.

This is such a fun and festive collaborative activity to reinforce positive character traits and build classroom community. 

→ Free Kindness Advent Calendar Checklist

This free kindness checklist is a fun way for kids to spread kindness each day in December. They love coloring the outlined worksheet and checking off the good deeds as they complete them. There are even acts of kindness for them to continue with at home after the school year is complete.

Grab your copy of this fun freebie below.

Free Kindness Advent Calendar For Christmas Fun. Kids Complete 31 Acts Of Kindness In The Month Of December.

Editable Kindness Advent Calendar Checklist

Another engaging way to encourage thoughtful and generous behavior at Christmas. This personal kindness advent calendar is an engaging checklist where students mark off good deeds they complete. 

There's a list of 60 acts of kindness to refer to for ideas or make up your own to suit your grade. You can easily edit any of the checklists in Google Slides™ by simply typing or pasting good deeds into the squares.

There are checklist template options for 15, 20, and 31 good deeds depending on the number of days you want your students to participate. Teachers can create a customized checklist for their grade or get students to make their own.

Each advent calendar is available in color or black outlines and can be printed to write in acts of kindness or used in Google Slides™ to type them in.

Editable Christmas Kindness Advent Calendar. Edit In Google Slides.

2. Giving Tree

Set up a tree in your classroom decorated with ornaments representing different ways to give back to the community. Students can take turns selecting an ornament each day with an act of kindness for the whole class to complete.

How to Make a Christmas Giving Tree

  • First, you’ll need to make the tree. Cut several large triangles out of the green cardboard. You might like to graduate them in size to make your tree look more realistic. You’ll also need a small brown rectangle for the trunk. Glue the trunk to the wall and work upwards to add the green triangles with the smallest on the top.
  • Make ornaments to decorate your tree. Draw or cut out images of baubles, stars, and candy canes. If you’d like to involve students in this part, ask them each to make a decoration.
  • On the back of each decoration, write an act of kindness for the community and adhere the top of it to tree so it's easily removed.
    Here are some ideas for your decorations:
    Donate a toy to charity.
    Bring in non-perishable food to make a hamper.
    Make Christmas cookies for fire fighters.
    Include someone new in your game.
    Say hello to parents and visitors.
    Make Christmas cards for a nursing home.
    Make bon-bons to add to hampers.
    Donate pre-loved clothing.
  • Encourage students to share their experiences after they have completed each act of kindness.

3. Kindness Paper Chain

This activity serves two purposes. It provides a fun way to select acts of kindness that can be completed at school, and it makes a lovely Christmas decoration for your classroom.

How to Make a Kindness Paper Chain

  • Select 3 or 4 shades of festive colored paper or use Christmas wrapping paper. 
  • Cut long strips about 1.5 inches (38mm) wide. Decide when you'll start your Christmas activity and count the days to the end of school to work out how many strips you'll need. 
  • Write an act of kindness for students to complete on each of the strips
    Here are some ideas to start you off:
    Let someone go ahead of you today.
    Write thank you notes for a teacher, the principal, or the janitor.
    Make Christmas cookies for a neighbor or grandparent.
    Set up a gift wrapping table.
    Give 5 people compliments today.
    Donate old towels to an animal shelter.
    Visit a nursing home and sing Christmas carols to the residents.
    Collect pre-loved picture books for a children's hospital.
  • Make a paper chain with all of your strips. Make sure the acts of kindness are on the inside, so they're not easily seen. 
  • Allow students to break off a loop from the chain and read the good deed for that day.
  • Have a quick 5-minute roundup at the end of the day to talk about the day's act of kindness.
Christmas Kindness Paper Chain With Acts Of Kindness Written On The Inside Of Each Loop.

4. Christmas Kindness Pegs Activity

This creative and interactive activity involves students decorating clothes pegs with festive designs on the front and writing acts of kindness on the back. The pegs are then attached to someone's clothes, books, backpack, etc. to create a pay it forward effect as acts of kindness are completed and the pegs are repegged elsewhere.

Christmas Kindness Pegs Activity For Elementary Students.

How to Make Christmas Kindness Pegs

  • Begin by explaining the concept of the Kindness Pegs activity. Emphasize the importance of spreading joy and kindness during the holiday season and how this activity will create a chain reaction of positive actions.
  • Distribute the materials to students. You will need:
    wooden clothes pegs
    markers, colored pencils, stickers, glitter, etc.
    a bag or container for pegs
  • Give students time to decorate the front of their pegs with small festive Christmas designs. Encourage them to be imaginative and use a variety of colors and decorations.
  • On the back of each peg, they will write an act of kindness. This could include simple gestures like giving a compliment, helping a friend, or sharing something special. Remind them that these acts should be achievable and considerate.
  • Collect all the decorated and labeled pegs in a central location. You can use small bags or containers to keep the pegs organized.
  • Shuffle the pegs to ensure anonymity. Allow students to randomly select a peg from the collection. They should keep the act of kindness written on the back a secret.
  • Instruct students to discreetly attach the chosen peg to someone's jacket, backpack, or any personal item with the design showing, not the writing. The act of kindness on the back of the peg is now a mission for the person who finds it.
  • Explain to students that after they have completed the good deed on a peg they find, they are to repeg it somewhere else for another person. 
  • After a designated period, gather the students to reflect on the activity. Discuss the kindness they've experienced or witnessed, reinforcing the positive impact of these small good deeds and how the pegs create a ripple effect of kindness.
  • Consider incorporating a follow-up activity where students can share their experiences or discuss the acts of kindness that transpired. This can be done through class discussions, written reflections, or a shared bulletin board.
  • On the last day of school, divide the pegs up and allow students to take some home to continue the kindness with their families.
Christmas Kindness Pegs Activity For Elementary Students.

The Christmas Kindness Pegs activity not only fosters a sense of community and goodwill but also creates a fun and festive atmosphere within the classroom. It's a fun way for students to actively participate in spreading holiday cheer and making a positive difference in each other's lives.

5. Hand-Made Christmas Gifts

Hand-made gifts are a lovely act of kindness because they show that students care enough to put effort into making something special. There are so many things your students could make as gifts this Christmas, but I like snow globes as a treasured gift people will love for years. And they're easy!

How to Make an Easy Christmas Snow Globe

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to make them from Welcome to Nana’s. Read the post for more detailed instructions.

Students can bring old decorations from home or personalize their snow globe with a laminated drawing. Be sure to include a wide edge around the picture so the water doesn’t wet the paper.

TIPS: Avoid using anything made from metal inside the globe as it will likely rust. You can also use a single drop of glycerine instead of glue to ensure the glitter falls slowly.

6. Christmas Compliment Bookmarks

This activity is a Christmas adaptation of my best-selling kindness bookmarks activity. It's a simple but effective way to bring joy to many students throughout your school. When students participate in the kindness bookmarks activity, it creates a huge buzz of excitement, and they beg to participate over and over! 

This bookmarks activity helps students learn why it's important to show kindness and give compliments. Being able to recognize and acknowledge good traits is an important social emotional skill for personal development.

How to Make a Christmas Compliment Bookmark

  • Discuss the importance of giving compliments. Explain that a compliment is an honest, heartfelt, and uplifting message for someone about a positive character trait or behavior. Compliments should not focus on possessions or appearance.
  • Cut 10-15 sheets of card into 3 strips or enough so each student can make at least one bookmark.
  • Have students draw Santas, Christmas Trees, baubles, and other Christmas scenes on their bookmarks. They’ll need to leave a space to write a compliment such as:
    You are a kind person.
    Thank you for caring.
    We love having you at our school.
    You are amazing.
    Keep smiling. It looks good on you.
    You make a difference.
    You make our school a great place to be.
  • Ask students to turn their bookmarks over after they’ve colored it and write a positive note to a stranger.
  • When the bookmarks are completed, tell your class they’re going on a secret covert operation. Then sneak off to the library for them to hide their bookmarks for unsuspecting lenders to discover.
Students Holding Kindness Coloring Bookmarks By Ripple Kindness Project Ready To Participate In A Fun Kindness Challenge.

7. Family Compliments Jars

My family and I made a compliments and kindness jar when my children were little. We all wrote compliments for one another throughout the year and read them out on Christmas Day. It was such a wonderful, uplifting activity to do as a family.

We have also made jars for specific family members for birthdays and Mother's or Father's Day.

You can adapt this kindness activity for your students by having them write compliments for members of their family.

How to Make a Family Compliments Jar

  • Each student will need a jar or container to put their compliments in and 10-16 pieces of plain or colored paper to write their compliments on.
  • Talk about what a compliment is before you start. Explain that giving a compliment focuses on the positive qualities their family members have or the good things they do, not how they look or what they wear.
  • Ask students to write 2-3 descriptive compliments for each member of their family to pop into their jar. Examples of compliments may be:
    Thank you for being a great sister, Jemma. You are my best friend. 
    I love your lasagna, Mom. It's the best I've ever had. 
    I love it when we go for ice-cream, Dad. It makes me feel special.
    Thank you for walking me home from school, Alex. I love that you are there each day.
    You make me feel important when you tell me I'm good at things, Mason. Thank you. 
  • Students can decorate the jar or tie a ribbon around it. This will become a beautiful and heartfelt gift for their entire family on Christmas Day.  
Christmas Kindness Activity - Family Compliment Jar.

8. Christmas Coloring Pages with Kindness Messages

Sometimes you just need a quick and easy activity that doesn't take any thought. That's where coloring pages can be fabulous. Though they may seem like a filler activity, coloring actually has a lot of developmental and emotional benefits.

Why Coloring is a Great Activity for Elementary Students

  • Coloring develops fine motor skills as it involves grasping and manipulating crayons, pencils, or markers to strengthen the small muscles in the hands and fingers. This enhanced dexterity contributes to better handwriting, hand-eye coordination, and overall fine motor control.
  • The repetitive nature of coloring within the lines requires children to concentrate and focus. Being able to maintain attention is crucial for academic success and everyday activities.
  • The controlled movements needed for coloring assist children with letter formation and improves handwriting.
  • Coloring is a mindfulness activity that's fabulous for calming students to manage stress and anxiety.
  • Coloring is a safe and non-verbal way for children to express their emotions, thoughts, and feelings. They can use colors, patterns, and imagery to communicate their inner world.
  • Coloring often requires patience and perseverance as children work through intricate details or challenging areas. The satisfaction of completing a coloring page instills a sense of accomplishment and encourages them to tackle more difficult tasks.

Christmas Kindness Coloring Pages for Kindergarten & 1st Grade

These fun Christmas coloring pages are differentiated for various writing abilities. Some have simple text with dotted letters to trace, some have dotted tracing and a space to write, and others show the phrase with dotted lines beneath to copy it.

Christmas Themed Kindness Coloring Pages With Dotted Text For Kindergarten And 1St Grade Students To Trace To Practice Handwriting.

Christmas Kindness Coloring with Writing Activities for 1st-3rd

These easy Christmas kindness activities are a fun way to build positive character traits. Students give compliments, complete kindness coloring pages, and participate in festive writing activities to get them thinking about kindness and generosity during Christmas.

Students write meaningful compliments for 3 of their classmates. Everyone receives nice notes to paste onto a compliments sheet as a Christmas gift from their grade.

Positive affirmations on coloring sheets instill good values that encourage kids to think beyond themselves and acknowledge those they love as well as people with less.

Coloring Pages And Activity Sheets For Students In 1St, 2Nd, And 3Rd Grade To Learn About Christmas Kindness.

However you celebrate the festive season in your classroom, I hope you include some Christmas kindness activities. Apart from the obvious benefits of building positive character traits, teaching kindness can make your classroom a lot more peaceful and inclusive. 

Happy Christmas! 

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