The night of December 17, 2016 was horrid. But I found comfort and healing the next day in a very unexpected place – a chaotic, extra crowded mall. A place I rarely go, even outside of the holiday rush.

I ended up walking past a lady volunteering with a group that was hosting a toy drive type thing. Money was tight so I was unable to help them out, but despite that and feeling shy, I felt led to stop by, say hello, and wish her well. I figured it was possible she had dealt with grumpy shoppers or being ignored and I wanted to bring some of the opposite.

It ended up being ME that got the light though.  I had never met her, yet we instantly had this bond, as if we were friends reuniting after some time. She totally welcomed me and I even got to help her a bit which I enjoyed because it helped me get my mind off the night before.

When her shift ended, I walked her to the bus stop. – Susi

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