Community Project

It’s well documented that acts of kindness raise the givers feel good meter, leaves the recipient with a wonderful sense of wellbeing and joy, and even has a positive effect on bystanders.

Ripple’s community project is a growing group of like-minded people who support, inspire and share, with a common goal of establishing ripples of kindness that touch lives and create a happier world.

We believe that when people are kind more regularly, they become addicted to the feel good emotions that puts a glow in their heart, and their attitude, feelings and actions change as they embrace a more peaceful and meaningful life.
With this in mind, kindness has the potential to be a powerful antidote to a range of psychological, emotional, and social issues such as depression, anxiety and bullying.

The kindness cards were developed so people have something tangible to remind them of their experience and to pay that kindness forward to someone else.


 Get Involved

Get some Kindness Cards

Request your FREE Ripple Kindness Cards and join our community of like-minded people who want to make a difference.
Each time you share a card with an act of kindness, you’re reminding the recipient to keep your ripple of kindness going.

More than 250,000 kindness cards have been distributed to people in countries all over the world, so it’s exciting to imagine how many acts of kindness have been shared.

The cards have been requested by community groups, organizations, non-profits, businesses and individuals, and are sometimes donated by printers who also care about creating a kinder world.

They’re also supplied to cafe’s participating in the Suspended Coffee movement in Victoria.

How Can You Help?

Help us fund our programs

Though this is a project that’s driven by passion, we still incur quite a few expenses. We don’t ask for donations to do the work we do instead, try to fund ourselves through affiliate links and unique products we make ourselves. We’d really appreciate your support if you happen to use any of the following organizations. Simply use the links below and we’ll receive a small percentage of the purchase price to keep our project running.



Help Spread the Word


Tell people about the project and how they can be involved. Challenge them to get some cards and see what a difference it makes to their outlook on life.

Tell your school about our kindness curriculum and ask them to become a Ripple Kindness School.

Ask a printer if they’d be willing to help out with the printing of the cards.

Like us on facebook and share our page with your friends.

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Share Your Stories and Ideas

We all feel inspired by great stories, so please share yours to motivate others to do something kind for someone else! Upload your story and photos here.

Be Kind

Doing things for other people gives us a helper’s high that makes us feel wonderful. If you need some ideas of what you can do, please take a look here.