Community Project

It’s well documented that acts of kindness raise the givers feel good meter, leaves the recipient with a wonderful sense of well-being and joy, and even has a positive effect on bystanders.

Ripple’s community project supports, inspires and shares with people who have a common goal of creating more happiness, peace and hope in their own lives whilst touching others with the same joy.

We believe that when people regularly practice kindness they become addicted to the feel-good emotions that warm their heart. While touching others lives, their attitude, feelings and actions change and they enjoy a more peaceful and meaningful life.

With this in mind, studies prove that kindness can be a powerful antidote for a range of social, emotional and mental health issues. 

How you can get involved

If you want to include more kindness and positivity in your life, start by being inspired by those who already benefit from paying it forward. There are hundreds of positive stories on our site that have been submitted by people just like you who love to "Ripple Kindness". Reading them will know only give you a lift but many people have reported that they were excited to try some of the ideas themselves. You can also submit your own positive story that we may add to our blog or facebook page. 

There are also lots of fun ideas listed on our site, again submitted by followers. There are even free printables you can download, including posters full of ideas for both adults and kids! 

Ripple Kindness Cards

To make sure the kindness you give ripples out to others, consider getting some of our kindness cards

The idea is that you give a card with an act of kindness to remind the recipient to do something nice for someone else. When your card is passed on with their act of kindness, a limitless ripple has begun. Who knows just how many lives your one good deed could touch!

More than 300,000 kindness cards have been distributed to people in countries all over the world, so it's exciting to imagine how many acts of kindness have been shared.

Our cards have been requested by community groups, organizations, non-profits, businesses and individuals, and are sometimes donated by printers who also care about creating a kinder world. If you know someone in Australia who can help with printing, please get in touch