For Kids

Did you know that you have an incredible power inside of you?
You might not believe it, but you have the power to change the way someone feels, thinks and acts just by being you. 

How? ... Easy!
Think of the last time someone surprised you by doing something really nice for you. It felt really good, right?!
It made you happy and you got a kind of warm fuzzy feeling inside.

When you get that feeling, it shows because you behave in a positive way and show the world the best version of yourself. People like that.

When you're positive and nice to people,
 it feels like the sun's always shining on you.
And when you’re feeling good, that nice, warm energy rubs off on everyone you're in contact with, and it makes you feel even better to see other people feeling good too!

Okay, so now think about a time when someone was mean to you.
It made you sad and you felt really bad inside... you might even have become angry.
When you feel this bad, it's like walking around with a big black cloud over your head. You feel terrible and it shows.
And because you're feeling bad, you might say or do something mean to someone else. That's taking your bad mood, sadness or frustration out on them and that makes them feel bad as well. If you upset them, they might go off and take their hurt feelings out on someone else too, and that person might do the same and before you know it, your bad mood has affected heaps of people!

See how easily your feelings can affect other people!
If you're a kind and happy person, people are going to like you and want to be your friend.

No-one likes to be around someone who complains or is grumpy or mean, so you might notice that people start to avoid you!

There are some really easy ways of making a difference in this world. The easiest one is to smile at people because your smile can brighten anyone's day!
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One of the best places to be kind is at school because when everyone is, it makes it a really great place to be and much easier to learn. 
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Did you know you can even start your own Ripple of Kindness? By giving one of our Kindness Cards when you do something nice, you encourage the recipient to pass your kindness on by doing something nice for someone else and giving them the card you gave them. Imagine if 5 or 6 people did that! That's a Ripple of Kindness.
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​You can also encourage kids around the world to follow your lead by sharing photos of the acts of kindness you give.

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Hey Kids!! We'd love to hear your kindness story or idea!

It doesn't matter how small or large it is, if you gave, received or witnessed it, we'd love to hear your story of kindness. If you have an idea for making your part of the world a better place, then we'd love to hear that too!! And, if you leave your address, we'll pop some of our kindness cards in the mail to you!
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