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Ready for a kindness project?

It's easy to believe that adults are the only ones who can make a difference but that's simply not true! Many children all over the world have done amazing things that have changed people's lives forever. They managed to do it because they believed they could and didn't take no for an answer. You don't have to start a charity to help, but there are a lot of cool things you can do. Take a look at these ideas for inspiration!

Why not have a special kind of party this year? One that makes a difference!

Donate some of your gifts

Check out the videos above and see how even little kids can do something special. Imagine being a kid who doesn't have nice things or get much for their birthday. If you receive lots of toys, perhaps you can donate some of them to someone with less or take them to a hospital to cheer up sick kids. 

Environmentally friendly party

Birthday parties often mean lots of plastic and garbage that's bad for the environment but that doesn't have to be the case! If you care about trees, animals and the earth, perhaps this is a party you would like.

Here are some ideas:

  • Instead of having plastic plates, cups and goodie bags, ask your parents to use paper or something reusable.
  • Switch balloons and streamers for homemade paper chains from recycled paper.
  • Make your own hand drawn invitations or send them electronically.
  • Personalize your goodie bags by drawing and writing names on brown paper bags.
  • Instead of a plastic tablecloth, use a cloth one that can be washed. 
  • Have a picnic at a park and ask friends to bring along a flower or shrub and some gardening gloves and tools. Clean up an area that needs some attention and pop your plants in.
  • Organize a scavenger hunt where kids have to find items found in nature.
  • Give a prize for the person who can collect the most rubbish/trash to help clean up the park.

Pay it forward party

Lots of kids have far too much stuff and often find it difficult to think of what they'd like for their birthday. If this is the case for you, instead of asking for gifts you really don't need, perhaps you'd enjoy a party that makes other people happy!

  • Ask your friends to donate some money to a charity you like.
  • Instead of gifts, ask people to bring pre-loved blankets and towels you can donate to an animal shelter.
  • You'll need to organize this one with your parents and it's best just to have a small group. Get some kindness cards and ask people to bring along the money they would have spent on your gift. Word up your friends and organize a list of kind things you can do for people in the community. Ask your parents to take you to the local shopping centre / mall where you'll be able to find lots of people that will appreciate your kindness.

Other fun things you and your friends can do on your birthday

  • Buy some flowers or a big bag of chocolates and give one with each person who walks past, wishing them a nice day.
  • Go into a coffee shop and leave some money and kindness cards for the next few people to have a free drink. 
  • Feed parking meters that are about to expire.
  • Put flowers on the windshields of parked cars.
  • If it's near Christmas, select a gift for a "wishing tree" or charity.
  • Buy a small gift for your teacher, a friend's parent or your own to thank them for everything they do for you. 
  • Give flowers to elderly people you see sitting around.
  • Give people compliments.

Getting a home made card always brightens someone's day! Give one to your teacher, parents, friends, neighbours or perhaps even someone you don't know. There are also lots of people around the world who don't have family or might be sick and lonely. You can take your cards to your local hospital or nursing home or find someone to send a card to overseas.

Many men and women around the world serve in the armed forces to help keep us safe. They are often away from home for months or years without seeing their family and friends. They make a huge sacrifice to keep the world safe and are grateful to know they're appreciated. 

If you live in Australia and would like to support sailors, soldiers, airmen and airwomen you can send them a message via email at There is a lot of great information here about how you can post a parcel up to 2kg in weight without any postal fee as well as advice on what you can and can't include in your care package. 

If you live in the United States, here is some information about what to send and how to package your parcel. You can ask your parents to help you google to find the correct address.

There are lots of people in our communities that help to keep us safe and happy, or support people who aren't as fortunate. It's not often they get a "thank you" for their time and dedication, so could you imagine how grateful they'd be if you went to visit your local fire or police station, hospital or charity with a plate full of homemade biscuits or cake and a big smile!

Animals are such wonderful loyal companions but there are many without a loving home who are cared for by caring people who run shelters. If your family is considering getting a pet, please check your local shelter to give an animal a second chance at life.

If you already have a pet but would love to help out, shelters are always in need of volunteer to care for the residents. This can be a wonderful thing to do as a family.

Another way you can help is to collect old towels and blankets to keep animals warm. And some shelters even allow kids to go read to the animals. Check out the video above. 

Elderly people can be very lonely, especially if they live on their own or in an aged care facility. One way you can brighten their day is to collect unwanted books, magazines, games and DVD's to donate to a nursing home.

If you have a special talent, you might like to put on a show to provide some entertainment or ask your parents if you can go play some games with them. You can make cards, homemade biscuits or cakes and have a tea party.

The elderly have a lot of great advice about life and stories to tell, so chances are, they may be the ones to entertain you. 

Think you're too young?

It really doesn't matter how young or old you are, everyone can do something to help someone else.
Check out what Phoebe did to make a difference!