Ideas to Help Kids Spread Kindness

People feel great when they receive an act of kindness, but did you know that the person giving it and even people who see a good deed feel good too? 

That's because acts of kindness make a feel-good chemical called serotonin in our brain that helps us feel calm and happy!

Scientists have also proven that people can actually catch kindness! Yep, just like a bug, the more you give, the more it gets spread around to infect people with happiness. 

It's very exciting to think that one act of kindness can ripple out to so many people! Can you imagine what would happen if everyone gave 3 acts of kindness every day!!! Wow, that might even change the world!

Check out how much your acts of kindness make a difference!

The Ripple Kindness Effect

We challenge you to create your own Ripples of Kindness!

How? Easy!

There are heaps of ideas and examples on this page of how kids have been kind to others. It doesn't have to be complicated or cost any money, all you have to do is be considerate and friendly. 

Here are some things you can do!

give a compliment

 ask why someone looks sad  

pick up rubbish/trash 

make your parent's bed  

clean someone's car

 do a job without being paid 

give someone a big hug

smile at people 

bake a cake for someone 

tell your grandparents you love them  

make a card to thank your teacher

pick something up for someone

hold the door open for someone

return a shopping trolley/cart

talk someone who looks lonely

share your toys  

leave flowers on a windscreen

give people compliments

include people when you play

listen and pay attention to someone who needs to talk

help someone carry their stuff when they're overloaded

Get your parents to help you download these printables.

Some of the great acts of kindness kids around the world have done. 

Excited Boy And Girl
Kindness Checklist For Kids Bw Col Small

Kids from all over the world have used our checklists to spread kindness in their schools, homes and communities. They're free for anyone to download, so we'd love you to give them a try!

Eva Chan 1St Grade
Johnny Himin Kindergarten1
Girl Holding A Ripple Kindness Checklist
Young Boy Holding His Kindness Checklist To Show How Many Acts Of Kindness He Performed.
Aiden Heins Checklist
Boy Holding A Ripple Kindness Checklist
10 Year Old Boy Holding A Ripple Kindness Project Kindness Checklist
8 Year Old Girl Holding A Ripple Kindness Project Kindness Checklist
10 Year Old Boy Holding A Ripple Kindness Project Kindness Checklist
Ava 8 South Dakota
Boy Holding Her Kindness Checklist
Wyatt 2Nd Grade New Hampton
Girl Holding Her Kindness Checklist
Girl Holding Her Kindness Checklist
Boy With Ripple Kindness Project Kindness Checklist
Girl With Ripple Kindness Project Kindness Checklist

More kindness from kids around the world 

I LOVE to hand out flowers to strangers at the grocery store. My mom will buy a dozen roses and then I go out to the front and hand out a rose to different people coming into grocery shop. I love seeing their smiles and making them happy. - Emma

 I cleaned up my neighbors front yard and left a card in their letterbox. - Reece

 I mopped the floors and wiped down the benches and cabinets to surprise my mum. - James

I gave my brother a pea on a Kindness Card 'cause he likes them. - Mitchell

When it was cold, I gave my jersey to Tay. - Andiswae

I made my mum's bed really fancy and cleaned her room. - 9 year old girl

I made pancakes for mum and dad on the weekend.  I made my brother's bed. - Max

I gave my friend $5 when he lost his money at the spring fair. - Trent

I mowed my neighbours front lawn and naturestrip. - Max

My brother and I got cricket bats for Christmas but my brother was sad because his was too big. I already had a good one, so I gave him mine. - Zac

I helped my sister with her homework. - Ella  

We helped cook sausages and sell books at a fundraiser. - James, Lachie, Max & Zac

I got the remote for my dad so he didn't have to get up. - Hayden

My friend dropped her pencils and I picked them up for her. - Tia

I gave my friend some of my really good football cards that he needed to complete his set. - Zac

I tickled my mom's back. - Kyeta

 I gave someone clothes and shoes for the kids she adopted. - Shannon

I helped my grandma wash the dishes. - Natalie

I gave my bronze life saving medal to a girl who was so sad she did not have one! - Kyeta

My mum and I took clothes we'd collected to a community meal for the homeless. - Max

I helped my mom in the kitchen. - Courtney

I returned a dog to its owner. - Year 7 girl

I helped my seven-year-old cousin with his homework and read a story to him. - Tayla

I took the dinner plates through to the kitchen without having to be asked. - Year 7 girl

I helped my mom when she was feeling sick and comforted my sister when she was scared. - Demi

I found a man’s wallet and returned it to its owner. - Year 7 girl

I helped clean the tidal pool of all the litter - Year 7 girl

Kids Filling Buckets

Some other great ideas kids had to inspire you to show kindness 

Help out at home.  Carry something for someone when they need help. - Chloe

Say thank you to someone when they play with you. - Tyler

 Make a cake for your parent's birthday. Lend someone your ball. Save up and take your parents out to dinner. - Max

Compliment people on good thing. Help someone with their spelling. Help your teacher hand out notices. - Zac

 Get someone a drink of water. - Ethan 

Help someone ride their bike. Lend a pencil to someone. Share your toys. Help your friend with their homework. - Lochie

Give your mum money for doing stuff for you. - Emily  

Let someone else go first. - Paige

Hug people and make them feel happy when they are sad. - Year 4 girl

 Help with things mum and dad do like the dishes or setting the table. - Ebony

 Help raise money for charities. Help with shopping and compliment other people. - Sydney

 Take the rubbish bins in for your neighbour. Make a cup of tea or coffee for your mum or dad. Help someone make friends. Feed the dog. Set the table. Ask if your parents want the mowing done. Make someone's bed. Say thank you and sorry. Help dad cook the barbeque. - Year 3 children

 Play with someone if they're alone. - Year 4 boy 

Make your own lunch and pack your bag. - Taylah

Be happy when you help out. - Aaron 

Water the plants around the house. - Tom

Help out at home by cleaning, washing or even just place things in a neat way instead of just dumping it there. - Charlotte

Invite someone over if they are bored at home. - Tamika 

Read to your brother. - Rose

Make your mum breakfast. - Declan

Feed the animals when it's not your turn. - Shelby

Help your mum put clothes on the washing line. - Tia

Offer someone your chocolate from the advent calendar. - Monique

Make some kindness rocks!

They're easy and fun to make and every one of them is unique. All you need are some clean, flat stones and some paint. You can even get paint markers and glitter glue. I like to start by painting a color over my stones and then adding my message and decorations.

When they're dry, cover them with PVC glue which you can brush on or ask your parents to take them outside and spray them with a sealant. 

The next step is to hide them in places for people to discover! You can put some in the library, on supermarkets shelves, in someone's bag, in the park, near the pump at the petrol station, even in the crook of a tree! 

Rock Collage