He was crying because he couldn’t pay

I was at the shelter this morning and a fairly old man comes to the gate with his fairly old dog. I am always expecting the worst, so was fully expecting him to just give me the dog and leave.

We manage to communicate slightly through the language barrier. He had had the dog since he was a puppy, found him on the streets, the dog is now 9 years old and the guy simply has NO money to feed himself let alone the dog.

Well thinking on my feet I decide that it’s best for us all if the guy can keep his beloved dog, so I gave him a bag of dog food, a couple of treats, AND my vegetarian lasagna (for himself).

Then I gave him directions to our long suffering vet David, and told him to get the dog checked out. 

David called to say that the man went to see him and was crying because he couldn’t pay. He gave David some flowers from his garden for me. Of course David did all the jabs, flea treatments etc. for free (I’ll pay forever with his ‘oh not again’ looks!!!)

My friend was at work at the police station which is just opposite the vets, so she went over and gave the guy some of the food gifts people give to the police (bribes!! 😉 ) 

We know where he lives now, so we will continue to give him some help as long as he needs it. – Darlene

Demi’s Place of Promise is an animal shelter in Greece that struggles to care for over 300 abandoned and abused dogs.


  1. DDecker501@aol.com says:

    Thank you so much for doing that!

  2. Patti Vernucci says:

    She in on of the kindest souls on the planet.

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