My darling beautiful niece

Missing Someone.
One precious Mother’s Day my beautiful niece, Louise Elizabeth wished me Happy Mother’s Day – she’d kept her Christmas cracker gift, a pink plastic heart.

Louise tied a pink string around it and tied it around my neck….

I explained to Louise that because I didn’t have children I don’t get wished or given Happy Mother’s Day’s gifts – Louise wrapped her darling little arms around me and squeezed me really tight and said that I was like her second mum and she loved me with All her Heart.

For 2 more mothers days I cherished our little moment together as she gave me what ever she felt was special enough to consider I too deserved those endearing words Happy Mothers Day Auntie Cat.

Louise Elizabeth passed away in 2004 at just 12 years old – every Mother’s Day is even harder to face as I’ve missed that special love and special bond you can receive from the innocence of children and the depths of their love !

I’ve never heard those words again ‘Happy Mothers Day’ as I still have no children but the gift God gives through our experiences and memories are purely heavenly.

Every Mother’s Day and at Christmas time – ‘looking at the Christmas crackers’ , my memories are what keep that love inside me alive

Cherish every moment with the ones you love as we just never know – when those precious times will sadly be taken away from us!

RIP my darling beautiful niece Louise Elizabeth and thank you precious angle for these memories to keep – I miss you every day – Catherine

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