She deserves happiness

On a long road trip, my husband and I got into a bad fight. We stopped for gas and I went in to get a cup of coffee. I was shaken up and distracted so I ended up spilling to coffee all over the counter, even soaking a bunch of sugar packets with coff
ee. Someone immediately came and started to clean up. I apologized profusely and tried to help, but she insisted I go on with cheerfulness.

When I went to pay, I told the cashier to charge me for 2 coffees because I had spilled one and pointed to the woman still cleaning my mess. I was on the verge of tears. The cashier said “oh no, ma’am, we don’t charge for mistakes here” and gave me a big smile. I couldn’t even properly thank her, I just nodded and left. It was just the kind of compassion I needed at that moment. It was 5 years ago now. Hope she is happy, she deserves it. – Heather

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