Don’t give up on humanity.

I had to drop my littlest one off at school with loads and loads of canned/boxed goods for the food drive.

Her back pack was pulling her over from the weight, and each hand attempted to carry extremely heavy bags towards the office. There was maybe 100 feet from the car to the office door, but she could barely move. I felt terrible leaving her on her own, but the parking lot is a nightmare and it was nearly impossible for me to park and get out to help her.
I rolled the window down and cheered her on. A teachers aide walked right past her as she began to drop the bags….didn’t even ask if she needed help. Then a boy walked by her almost knocking into her, she dropped the bags and I could see her face about to cry. Two more people went by her with out helping  as I maneuvered around the parking lot trying to park so I could get out.

Just then a young girl (4th or 5th grade) spotted my little Lulu, and ran towards her to help. She picked up the 2 bags and walked her to the office….saving her from tears, and me from giving up on humanity. – Deanna ♥

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