There is a homeless man in our community. His back story is that he is bipolar, no job, home, insurance or means to get the medication he needs. Since we cannot provide him with everything he lacks, we regularly buy him food, snacks, water, etc.

The other day while dropping off lunch to him, knowing cold weather was coming, I asked what his needs were for the winter. He smiled and told me he had everything he needed for the cold. He explained someone had come by with a truckload of blankets, coats and warm clothing and told him to take what he needed!

It warmed my heart to know there are people out there doing this! Our community has neither a shelter or daily soup kitchen, so some of the citizens of the community have made it their mission to help him. He is always very gracious and always, always says, “Bless you”, he’s even given my husband and I hugs! He is a seemingly sweet man, down on his luck who just needs some love and compassion…and we are privileged to be blessed enough to help bring a smile to his face! – Anon 😀

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