Essential worker for the elderly works almost every day

The Smallest Amount Of Sunshine Can Add Life To The Darkest Day

I am a health care worker who works in aged care, so I’m classed as an “essential worker” during these COVID-19 times, and so have been going to work almost every day.

Our residents have been restricted to the number of visitors they can have, and there has been no outside entertainment allowed into the facility. So, our residents have been a little bored, but a good thing happened recently. Our dementia ward got a new TV. It might not seem like a big deal, but for someone who works in there almost every shift, I can say that it certainly does make a difference. I’ve been playing them YouTube videos of funny baby animals and they love it!

The response is amazing, one lady sits there almost all day now and talks to them, and others join in, holding their babies for doll therapy, having cups of tea and cake, and they all smile from ear to ear.

Also, we got a new manager recently and she is pretty cool. She dressed up as the Easter bunny this year and came in on her day off. She and another co-worker handed out eggs to all our residents. That Easter Sunday was awesome, they all had chocolate for breakfast!

I will keep trying my best to make them smile while their families can’t be with them, every little thing helps. – Kerry

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