His eyes lit up like a beam!

I find out every day how many kind people there still are. When I shop in any market that is too large to walk, I use a motorized cart because I have trouble walking, losing my balance. However, so many people in that market, anyone of them, ask me if I need help. I am so grateful for these great people.

When I retire for the night I ask God if he saw how these people treated me, and would he Bless them for their kindness. And I thank him for being there for me.ย 

Yesterdayย when I was coming out of a parking lot on Washington Ave. there was a young man standing there. I was waiting for the light to change. He had a sign stating that he was hungry. I only had a pocket full of change, so I gave to him, but reached in the back seat, and gave him the roasted chicken that I bought.

His eyes lit up like a beam. He couldn’t thank me enough. So please, believe them when they say they are hungry. And May God bless you too. – Yolanda ๐Ÿ˜€

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