We feel so blessed to call them friends

We have these friends, Kerry and Marc, and I have to say that on several occasions they have come to the aid of our family with no questions asked, and now Kerry is sharing her wonderful energy through Reiki on myself.

My husband who is FIFO and has experienced the love and support from Kerry and Marc, has been trying to think of a way to thank them for their generosity.

It finally hit me when Kerry was telling me she wanted to do the second course of Reiki training but as she had enrolled in a different course, things were a bit “tight”. So on talking to my husband that night and he came out with “Pay for it!” I was like “What?” and yeap Paul was happy to pay for Kerry to do her second course of training.

So with a few messages to Lisa, the Reiki coach, we had it all paid for and a voucher on its way to me.
When I presented Kerry with the voucher last week it was so wonderful to see her face light up with love and energy. Something that she would never have expected to receive and we’re just so happy that our gift of thanks and gratitude was so well received!

We are so blessed to have met Kerry and Marc and are so happy to be able to call them friends. They are both beautiful and giving people who deserve so much in life. – Lisa

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