I feel I was led there that day

Right Time, Right Place.
The other day I went to a Walmart that I usually don’t go to any more since I moved. As I walked up to the cash register, the lady said the usual hello and how are you. She looked slightly surprised when I answered, “Enjoying life. How are you?” She muttered fine.

As she was ringing things up, she mumbled, “Why did she have to leave her family here where we knew her, to go to another Walmart.” I inquired about the situation. She told me how a fellow worker had undergone treatment for cancer and left that store to go to another one. There she stopped taking chemo and died. She just couldn’t understand why she would have stopped chemo.

Having been a nurse for a long time I explained that chemo was a difficult thing to undergo. Maybe the cancer had not responded? She seemed to understand this. She commented that she didn’t know why she would leave her Walmart family to go somewhere else. I answered, “Maybe she wanted to make it easier for those she loved here.” I asked her, “You knew her very well? Would she do something without a good reason?” She shook her head. A light was starting to come in her eyes.

She said didn’t want to go to the funeral or visit with the family because it would be so sad. I told her how grieving with others and sharing memories could be a very healing thing for her and them and her face lit up.

I feel like I was led to go there that day, just for her. She thanked me for helping her. – Elaine ❀

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