Her first “real” piece of jewelry

Reach Out In Kindness.
A friend of mine is really poor. Now I am not saying that meanly, I myself am poor, but she is much worse off.

She had never had a real piece of jewelry her whole life so for her birthday last year I went into a pawn shop to find her a nice piece of “real” jewelry. They had this gorgeous sapphire ring which was her favorite stone that I was looking at to give her. I was $20 short, so I explained to the girl it was for a friend who had never had a real gold ring in her whole life and if they could hold it for me, I would be back to get it the following week.

Well a complete stranger stepped up and told the cashier to box the ring up right now, and we both stood there completely stunned and confused. The lady said “You are doing this to be kind to your friend, I am paying whatever is left that you don’t have so your friend can have her first piece of real jewelry.” I said no no, it’s ok, I will have it soon. But the lady would not hear of it. The cashier boxed up the ring and I paid what I had on me and the lady paid the rest.

When I gave the gift to my friend and told her the story, she just bawled. It was one of the nicest gestures I have ever witnessed. – Nikki ❤

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