I really feel compelled to post in here about the four teenage boys we had the pleasure of meeting yesterday and again today at the BMX track at Pepi’s land on our walk.

I was there with our 3 young kids and on both occasions, these boys were so incredibly warm to both myself and my kids. Friendly, considerate, and very respectful.

They were cheering my 9yo on as he tackled the course for the first time, giving him hints on how to try to clear the jumps. They cheered each other on in a way that really was outstanding and excellent to hear. Just pure joy and support for each other.

My 4yo fell off her bike and two of the boys without hesitation raced up to her to make sure she was ok, as soon as she fell. And again today, when my 9yo took 2 large stacks they were there instantly to make sure he was ok too.

I just wanted to post in here to say what wonderful young men these four are and they should be very proud of themselves.

ETA: they were keeping their social distance from each other too, in case anyone is concerned. – Emily

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